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Why History Matters?
Negaunee Historical Society
August 4, 2015

How can we possibly know where we are going, if we don't know where we've been? History matters because it often repeats itself and we can learn from this. It preserves our heritage for all who follow - here and in the future. History is important because it gives you an idea of where you came from and some pride in the people that came before. It also lets you know how they solved problems that are similar to the ones we're struggling with now. We appreciate learning the background of all different aspects of our life, our town and our state. This knowledge helps us to understand were we started, to becoming what we are today and where we will go tomorrow. We find it interesting what happened in the past and we like to compare it to current events. Hopefully, this comparison can prevent mistakes of the past from occurring again.

We like seeing items that our grandparents had and remembering a bit of the past when we see them. Memories!! No cars, no lights, no television, no computers, and diseases that we weren't even aware of takes us back in history. How did our grandparents and parents cope without all the luxuries? Take the time and look back at Negaunee during the past 150 years. Compare the living conditions of families then and realize how fortunate we are now. Imagine our style of life 25 years from today. Be prepared for the unexpected because it will sneak up on us before we actually realize "Why History Matters".

Information provided by members of the Negaunee Historical Society - Laura Jandron, Suzanne Morris, Jeanne Sandstorm, Steve Perucco, Theresa Rinehart and Ronald Koski

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